She is Drowning


Sometimes it all starts with a will to overcome the obstacle. The next thing you know, you are losing control. One finds himself having an spectacular sense of loathing everybody, including his/her self-esteem. Here is our secret for today:


I certainly don’t care who dumped who. The relation is over and you gotta get over it. If you are still clinging to his presence and seeking it through old photos and hallucination produced by Alcohol, then you are on highway to hell. Your mind might leave you very soon. Live the reality.

There was another detail I needed to know. It was about her children. So, I asked about how she deals with them. Here is the answer:


And that’s it.

That’s it?!

Not only you are undermining yourself, but also the only family you’ve got. Prioritize. You are seeking what you don’t have and dumping what you already have.

Listen! The closet is for changing and hiding when Jason is coming for you.

Shaken, not stirred

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